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  • 1.The Renewable Energy of generating heat.
  • 2.With the help of solar dryer, We can reduce labour cost
  • 3.Drying time can be saved
  • 4.One time Investment only
  • 5.On the use of solar dryer we can get , without affecting its natural Behaviour
  • 6.The Product can be protected from the dust and sudden rainfall
  • 7.Multipurpose Dryer
  • 8.It is user friendly
  • 9.It can be used in all seasons, It will dry faster in summer, winter and rainy season and the material is also safe in these seasons too.
  • 10. Copra drying without using Sulfur will provide better price
  • 11. By using Automatic Temperature and Humidity control the dried copra is having very good quality.
  • 12. Electrical Backup Heater could be provided for non sunny period operation.


  • 1. The Efficient treated water (ETP) is evaporated with the help of solar evaporator
  • 2. In this mechanism per day 500L – 1000L waste, unused chemical water will be evaporated. By this, we could save groundwater from pollution.
  • 3. Evaporation is done in closed chamber , so the environment is not polluted
  • 4. Ground water is safe
  • 5. Salt Recovery
  • 6. User Friendly
  • 7. Carbon is not discharged
  • 8. The Solar evaporator is less expensive than mechanical evaporator.
  • 9. Chemical water can be evaporated in faster manner.
  • 10. The Electrical backup systems is also used to increase the evaporate capacity


SOLAR LIGHT DINDIGUL Solar Street Light is a very useful and simple maintenance procedure. Invest only one time in your life and get light energy forever. Supplies power for 25 years without break. For 20 years the power to people and also Eco-friendly environment. Solar Energy doesn’t produce carbon dioxide.The solar panels charge the batteries during the day to provide the needed energy for operation of the solar light at night. This is designed by your solar lighting specialist and takes into consideration many factors including installation location, winter weather conditions, local AASHTO wind load requirements, and system operation profile. All these factors must be calculated together to ensure the system operates reliably for the end user.


GRID SOLAR SYSTEM  DINDIGUL In an On-Grid solar system, the power generated from the solar panels are connected to the electricity department’s grid. Power is drawn directly from the grid for consumption by the utilities in home/commercial buildings. The power consumed and power sent to the grid are calculated by a net meter that calculates the power transmission both ways and displays the outstanding power if consumed by the consumer or sent to the grid.



SOLAR WATER HEATERS DINDIGUL With abundance of solar power available in a tropical country like ours, using electricity to heat water is a waste of money. Solar water heating systems has many advantages. A house spends most of its power bills on water heaters & Air conditioners. One half of it could be reduced with Solar water heaters.

Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

 Hot Water without electricity
 Hot water availability even in night with water stored in insulated tanks
 Optional electric backup is provided in case of no sunlight
 Storage tanks are designed to handle hard water
 Possible to produce hot water even in remote areas where power is not available
 The long term benefits of solar water heaters are huge and the maintenance is very less.